VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY! ACE Mentor Program is Looking for Mentors

Background Information: 

Design and Construction industry professionals, including but not limited to Architects,  Contractors, Construction Managers, Skilled Trades Workers, Engineers of multiple  disciplines, Interior Designers, Owners Representatives, Local and State Government  employees, and Developers can all qualify as Mentors. These professionals meet with  students on a weekly basis and develop a hypothetical design project over the course of  15 weeks in an after-school format. These volunteers will have the most interaction and  the greatest impact on the students. 

Mentors are especially needed in Oakland, San Leandro, Castro Valley, and Fremont/Newark/Union City!

Mentor Role Description 

  1.  Engages the students in learning about the integrated Construction Industry.
  2. Serves as a professional role model. 
  3. Inspires and guides student teams to complete and present their final design  project. 
  4. Assists in hands-on activities and informal presentations. 
  5. Networks with the team.
  6. Establishes a bond with the students.
  7. Works collaboratively with other mentors on a team and by their collective  interaction. 
  8. Demonstrates how the different industry disciplines must integrate to the design  and building of a project.
  9. Helps plan and sometimes lead sessions. 
  10. Shares with the students their own career path and the requirements for  entering their field. 
  11. Devotes their entire attention to the students and mentor activities during each  session and avoids emails, text messages, and other non-ACE related  communications during sessions. 
  12. Helps students with letters of recommendation, internships, resume’s,  scholarship applications, etc. 
  13. Advises students about college, the application process, recommendations  letters, etc. 
  14. Advises students on trades apprenticeship programs, and requirements to apply.
  15. Helps to conduct any year-end program evaluation by the students or the team  of mentors, or the affiliate.


  1. Complete an on-line application: https://www.acementor.org/mentors-volunteers/
  2. Apply for a background check 
  3. Attend pre-season planning meetings with Team Leader(s) and other adult volunteers.
  4. Attend weekly team sessions throughout the season (mentors are encouraged to attend  all sessions) 

Time Commitment 

Mentors are encouraged to attend every session with students, other mentors,  guests, and guest speakers (those who attend 2 or less sessions) but this is not  mandatory. Scheduling of individual sessions is developed prior to the beginning  of activities with the students and coordinated with Team Leaders and other  volunteers. 

  1. At least 15 sessions from January through May on a weekly basis adjusted for school  holidays and breaks. 
  2. Attend all team activities whenever possible and when unable to attend, notify the  Team Leader(s) in advance of your inability to attend a particular session.
  3. Other activities to include Construction site tours, final presentation event, college  night, intro to trades apprenticeship programs, etc.

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