Volunteer to Help Our Students

Our student programs are always looking for more volunteers! 

5x5x5 Mentorship Program

The aim of the AIA East Bay 5x5x5 group mentorship program is to provide partnership and develop productive dialogue across all members of the architectural community. Adding value to AIA Membership, the 5x5x5 program creates a peer network of engaged professionals and stimulates inter-generational and interdisciplinary dialogue.

Participation in this program adds value to personal career and leadership development for the rising generation in the architecture profession and fosters and continual learning to promote the East Bay architectural community at large. View program information sheet.

Student Desk Crit / Student Work Panel

Reviewing architectural student works and giving constructive feedback involves examining the designs created by students and providing meaningful suggestions for improvement. This  typically involves evaluating the student’s understanding of design principles, technical skills, and ability to convey ideas through visual representation.

The review process may include critiquing sketches, drawings, models, and digital renderings and assessing the effectiveness of the student’s communication skills and ability to articulate their design concepts.

Constructive feedback is essential in guiding students toward improving their skills and creating more robust designs. It should be specific, actionable, and designed to encourage improvement rather than simply pointing out flaws.

When providing feedback, it is essential to focus on the design’s positive aspects while offering suggestions for areas that could be improved. Effective feedback should help students identify areas where they can grow and develop their skills while acknowledging their strengths and achievements.

  • Midterm review or one on one “desk crit” meetings could take place by zoom during studio time on April 11 or April 13 from 2:30-6:30.
  • The final will be a more traditional panel also by zoom, (2 to 3 reviewers per day)  from 3:00-6:00pm on May 16th and May 18th.

Portfolio Review Program

We match Students with Architects offering one-on-one advice about how to make your portfolio the best it can be. This program is FREE for all students and all costs are covered by the East Bay Chapter of the American Institute for Architects.

Reviewers just need to register, fill out their profile, and start reviewing student work!