Welcome Adeline, our new Student Director

We’d like to introduce and welcome our new Student Director! Meet Adeline Leung and get to know your Student Representative:

“I’m a 3rd year architecture student minoring in structural engineering at UC Berkeley and passionate about sustainable solutions in the built environment through interdisciplinary thinking. I enjoy the problem-solving nature of architecture and I firmly believe that the built environment can and should do good for its occupants and the environment, which is one reason I stuck with architecture.
When I’m not holed up doing architecture stuff in studio, I love dancing, hiking, travelling, and trying new foods in the places I visit 🙂
As a student director, I look forward to starting more conversations between students (the incoming generation of designers!) and industry. Having these conversations will not only help students learn what is happening in the industry, but also allows professionals to hear the new ideas students have. It has always been important to me to address the field of architecture as one that demands interdisciplinary and intergenerational action to bring collective change.”
Thank you Adeline for being an AIAEB member and joining our Board of Directors! We look forward to working with you. Welcome and congratulations again! 

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