Designing for Occupant Comfort: Acoustics and Energy Performance in Multi-Family and Mixed-Use Buildings

A Woodworks Program

Thursday, March 8, 2018
$30. Lunch provided by Woodworks.
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Occupant comfort may not be an expressed design objective in the California Building Code, but it’s crucial to the success of a project. This workshop will provide practical information for designing wood-frame multi-family and mixed-use buildings to avoid common comfort-related pitfalls. Discussion will cover design, detailing and installation of high-performing, acoustically-rated assemblies, building envelope and energy efficiency requirements per Title 24, and methods for going beyond energy codes—such as implementation of Passive House techniques. Attendees can expect to gain a better understanding of the most common occupant complaints, and how to avoid them through proper building design.

About the Presenters:

Randy D. Waldeck, PE, CSDA Design Group is an expert in architectural, environmental, aviation, and mechanical equipment noise and vibration control, and a leading authority on the mitigation of aircraft noise intrusion into residential structures. An acoustical consultant for over 16 years, he has consulted on more than 500 projects nationwide, including transportation projects, medical facilities, industrial use facilities, federal buildings, educational facilities, offices, condominiums, single-family homes, mixed-use projects, hotels and resorts, and restaurants.

Colin Shane, P.E., M.Eng., P.Eng.RDH Building Science Inc. is a Principal at the San Francisco Bay Area office of RDH Building Science Inc., an engineering consulting firm dedicated to building science and building enclosure engineering. Colin’s experience includes design of all components of the building enclosure, including walls, glazing systems, balconies and roofs in climate zones across North America.

Eric Catania, M.Eng., BEMP, CPHD, RDH Building Science Inc. As an Energy Analyst at RDH Building Science, Eric Catania’s primary responsibilities include building energy modeling, Passive House consulting, building science research, and sustainability-related work. He has more than 10 years of energy modeling experience, on projects that include hospitals, offices, laboratories, residential buildings, and recreational facilities.


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