Your AIA Profile is Empty!

Update your profile in under 5 minutes...heres how!

Note seeing the video? Click to see it on Vimeo

The AIA East Bay has recently launched its new website. A key component of our new site is to make things easy to find and this includes you!
Your AIA East Bay profile, much like your profile on LinkedIn and other social sites helps you connect and communicate with like minded peers within our East Bay community and beyond. It also helps potential and current clients, friends and peers learn about you and what you do. A blank profile, like an empty store front,  just looks bad whereas a great profile is a positive reflection of you and your work. 
We have created a 3 minute video that demonstrates how easy it is to update your profile and make it look great AND claim your Company profile as well making it easy for everyone to find you and discover the great work you do!
In the coming weeks we will add video tutorials on how to create and join groups and committees, build business and personal networks across AIA East Bay membership, promote yourself and your business and get more involved in AIA activities and those of our regional partners.

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  1. I am retired and do no take on any new clients. I wish to be associated with the AIA in an emeritus position, but don’t want to have a firm description.