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Emerging Contractual Issues in the Design & Construction Industry

a Westcon monthly program

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Berkeley Yacht Club, 1 Seawall Drive, Berkeley, CA 94710
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In this presentation, Construction Practice Leader David Ericksen, Severson & Werson, will address the professional service agreement, alternative delivery models, and employee policies. Under the professional service agreement section, David will cover:

  • Confidentiality
  • Ownership of Work Product
    • Conscience Clauses
    • Assumption of Preliminary Site Information
    • Indemnity (post CA 496 and CDP Coverage)
    • Code Compliance
    • Pass Through Clauses

David will also highlight concerns and risks with corresponding contractual and practice solutions.

RFP: Bay Area Community Land Trust

Bay Area Community Land Trust

PO Box 2652

Berkeley, CA  94702






1638 Stuart Street

Berkeley, California

February 5, 2018


This Request for Proposals (RFP) is issued for Architectural preconstruction and construction services by Bay Area Community Land Trust (BACLT) for the 1638 Stuart Street project in Berkeley, California.

The RFP includes the following:

  1. This Introduction
  2. Description of Development
  3. Architectural Services Requested
  4. Proposal Content Required
  5. Method of Proposal Evaluation


Date:        Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Time:       4:00 PM


Mail:         PO Box 2652, Berkeley, CA  94702

In person:  Office at University & San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA  94702 (call first)


Questions about this RFP should be directed to:

Rick Lewis

Tel: (510) 545-3258


A pre-solicitation meeting regarding this opportunity is scheduled for:

Date:            Thursday, February 15, 2018

Time:           2:00 pm

Place:           1638 Stuart Street

Berkeley, CA  94703

Attendance at the pre-solicitation meeting is Mandatory. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

There is mold in some of the units.  If you prefer not to enter these units, we will have extensive photographs of the interior to view.


Sponsor.  The sponsor of the project is the Bay Area Community Land Trust (BACLT), a nonprofit organization formed in 2006 and dedicated to preserving affordable housing and providing affordable ownership opportunities in Berkeley and the East Bay.  BACLT currently owns three properties, with twenty units of affordable housing.

Project Financing. The project has secured City predevelopment funding, and the sponsor expects to receive additional City and private funding.

The Development.   BACLT has partnered with the McGee Avenue Baptist Church, the owner of 1638 Stuart Street (the “Development”) in Berkeley, California.  The property has two buildings, a two-story building with 6 units and a one-story building with two units.  The site is approximately 5,400 sq. ft., with total building gross square footage of approximately 4,100 sq. ft.  There are currently eight units, with an average size of 500 sq. ft.  The buildings have been poorly modified, resulting in a recorded designation of 3 studios and 5 one bedroom apartments.  We anticipate reconfiguring the space to form 1 studio, 6 one-bedroom and one two-bedroom unit.  We will further need to secure all permits and approvals to allow construction.

Contract Terms and Conditions. The Sponsor anticipates entering into a contract with the Architect that will include two phases: the Predevelopment Phase, as described more fully below, that will last through the development of a CNA, and a Construction Phase, which will involve full design and construction contract administration services for the development.  Services to be provided include architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing renovation design.  Terms and conditions for the architectural services will be per a slightly modified AIA Document B181, “Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for Housing Services”.

The Architect shall provide professional liability insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Schedule.  BACLT is interested in pursuing the development with all due diligence.  The current schedule anticipates the following milestones:

Design Development                                              March-May, 2018

CNA Development                                                 June, 2018

Develop Final Plans and bidding documents               July-August, 2018

Contractor Selection phase                                     September-October, 2018

Construction Start                                                 November, 2018

Architect will be expected to submit a schedule based on time needed to perform above tasks



Please note, this proposal should include two phases of work, a Predevelopment Phase and a Construction Phase.  If construction funds cannot be secured for the Construction Phase, it is possible that the contract will not continue to the Construction Phase.

  1. Phase one, the selected Architect will be expected to provide services that include:
  2. Program. Gain familiarity with Sponsor’s requirements, design goals and challenges including any governmental conditions of approval for the Project.
  3. Prepare “As Built” drawings for project. No plans exist for the two buildings. This set of plans should include a site plan, floor plans and elevations, as needed for to prepare design drawings and construction documents.
  4. Determine if any variances are needed. We do not anticipate the need of any variances, however, we will expect the Architect to investigate and confirm that none are needed.
  5. Develop Preliminary Set of Plans. Prepare plans, including floor plans and exterior elevations, sufficient to complete a CNA.  Floor plans will require reconfiguration of some of the units.  Detailed interior elevations should not be necessary for this purpose.  We do anticipate designing one unit to be fully accessible.
  6. Prepare a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA). To determine the total cost of renovations, and apply for construction funding, a CNA will need to be prepared, based on reconfigured units. Architect may provide cost estimates for the CNA or may engage a cost estimator.
  7. Design Meetings. Attend development meetings and advise Sponsor as issues arise.


  1. Phase Two, the selected Architect will be expected to provide services that include:
  2. Design Meetings. Attend development meetings and advise Sponsor as issues arise.
  3. Develop Full Set of Plans. Complete drawings with all details necessary for building permits and construction bidding.
  4. Building Permits. Assist in securing timely building permits for renovation of the Development.  Participate in pre-permit application meetings with Berkeley Planning Department, Department of Planning & Development, Department of Public Works and Fire Department, as needed.
  5. Assist with the RFP Process to Hire Contractor. Full set of specifications and bidding documents must be prepared for review by contractors in the bidding process.  Architect will be expected to attend a site meeting for potential contractors and to assist in responding to questions raised by bidders.  Architect will also be expected to assist with the review of the bids and help select the general contractor for the development.
  6. Perform Contract Administration During Construction Phase. Provide full monitoring services during construction, including weekly site meetings with contractor and project manager, and monthly draw meetings that will also include funders’ representatives.  Review and approve change orders and all other aspects through close out of construction.


Interested Architects who believe that they are qualified to provide design services and to manage the construction phase of the Development within the guidelines identified, should submit the following items:

  1. Brief introduction statement. Please provide a brief introduction to your firm that summarizes the qualifications and interest of your firm in the development. What factors do you feel distinguish your firm as the best Architect for this Development?

    Maximum Score for Intro Statement: 5 points

  1. Description of Firm’s qualifications and capacity. Please submit evidence of your firms qualifications and capacity.  Describe your experience in renovation of small residential properties, designing a disabled accessible unit, and your experience in receiving approvals from and the Berkeley Department of Planning & Development.

Maximum score for Firm or Team’s Qualifications: 25 points

  1. Resumes. Please identify and provide resumes for the key individuals who would be assigned to this project if your firm is selected. Please note: if selected, the individuals proposed for this project should not change without the approval of the Sponsors.                                                      Maximum score for Resumes: 20 points
  2. Workload and Management. Please describe your current workload and your ability to manage the proposed development if your firm/team is selected. Describe the division of responsibilities between the key individuals for which resumes were provided, and explain process by which your firm plans to manage this project.

Maximum score for Workload & Management: 15 points

  1. References. Please provide the following information for no more than five (5) projects that you deem most similar to the 1638 Stuart Street development.
  2. Project name and general description (include date completed or phase of development).
  3. Contact person (name, address, phone and fax numbers) – Project Owner
  4. Contact person (name, address, phone and fax numbers) – General Contractor
  5. Initial construction cost; final construction cost. If appropriate, please describe any issues that resulted in significant change orders.

Maximum score for References:  25 points

  1. Fee Proposal. Submit a proposal for architectural services including conceptual planning through construction administration.  Fee proposals should be absolute values with a breakdown of the fees for each phase of architectural services.  Firms should not limit their response to percentages of the construction cost.  Please note that the rehabilitation hard cost of $900,000 is an estimate and that the Architect fee should not increase if the rehabilitation hard cost increases unless the Architect’s scope has also increased.                                                Maximum score for Fee Proposal: 25 points
  2. Experience working with Minority, Women & Local Business Enterprises. Please describe any experience you have with engaging M/W/LBE consultants on working projects with you. (Note: It is NOT necessary to identify proposed consultants.)
    Maximum score for M/W/LBE consultants:  10 points


Maximum Total Score for Qualifications Statement:  125 POINTS

Other Support Material.  Please feel free to provide any additional support material (letters of reference, photos of completed projects, pre-printed brochures, etc.) that you believe will help us assess your qualifications and match of the Development.

If your firm is asked for an interview, additional information may be requested.

Three (3) copies of all proposal contents will be required.



The evaluation/selection process is expected to proceed as follows:

  1. RFP released……………………………………………………… February 5 2018
  2. Pre-bid meeting at 1368 Stuart Street………………………….. February 15, 2018
  3. RFP response deadline………………………………………….. February 28, 2018
  4. Interviews (if needed)…………………………………… week of March 5-9, 2018
  5. Selection announced……………………………………… week of March 12, 2018

Thank you for your interest in assisting Bay Area Community Land Trust in developing quality, affordable, housing for lower income families in Berkeley.

Desk Space for Lease – West Berkeley

Three desks available in a shared open office in West Berkeley! Lots of natural light, landscaped courtyard and bike parking. Shared conference room, bathroom with shower and kitchenette. We’d prefer a compatible use in the design and housing fields, but open to any discreet office use with friendly people. We are five designers/ architects working with homeowners, non-profits and developers on projects in the bay area.

Located by Standard Fare, Berkeley Bowl West, Bayer. $1200 for approx 120sf of space, or $450/desk. Available now.

devi dutta architecture, inc

RFQ: Speakers on ADA & Accessibility Issues

Background: AIA East Bay offers five-hour educational programs to architects approximately six times a year. These presentations focus on barrier-free access (ADA and/or California accessibility) and are geared towards a better understanding of the built environment and accessibility in both public and residential areas. Attendees are licensed architects who have knowledge of the fundamentals of accessibility and the ADA.

AIA East Bay is building its speakers’ bureau to offer more varied topics and speakers, and encourages all qualified speakers to apply.

Content Areas: Presentations must focus on barrier-free accessibility in California, providing in-depth knowledge that attendees can apply to their projects. Examples of topics include, but are not limited to: specific project types (schools, multi-family housing, retail, etc.); areas of common non-compliance; how to implement the California Building Code in practical ways; how to design beyond the requirements to provide excellent architecture; how to avoid legal situations regarding access, universal design, designing for aging-in-place, etc.

Presenters are encouraged to include case studies and real-life examples.

Qualified Applicants: Certified Access Specialists (CASp), ADA/accessibility experts, architects with demonstrable experience in accessibility issues, attorneys, etc. Speaker panels (more than one presenter) are encouraged.

Requirements: Applicants must be able to present in downtown Oakland during business hours (programs run from 8:30am-2:45pm); most programs are on Fridays.

Presenters will be required to provide presentations to AIA East Bay in an unlocked Powerpoint file one week prior to the presentation day; staff may make a locked PDF of slides available to attendees if content requires full-sized slides.

Compensation: Presenters will be compensated on a per-person fee. Half-day presenters receive $12.50 per attendee; full-day presenters receive $25 per attendee. Please note that panels (more than one speaker) will share the compensation. Attendance ranges from 60-160 per day; average anticipated attendance is 100. No expenses or other fees are covered.

Submittal format: Applicants are to submit the following (as attachments) via email to Sidney Sweeney, Executive Director at

  • Presenter name, contact information, biography and specific pertinent experience to show expertise in subject matter.
  • Presentation outline(s); specify whether for a 2.5-hour or 5-hour presentation.
  • Prior presentation/speaking engagements and either evaluations or reference contact information, including title and phone number.

Submission deadline: Qualified submittals received by April 21, 2017 will be considered for the remaining 2017 presentation. Submittals received after that date will be accepted, but may not be considered until the next cycle begins in August 2018.

Questions: Direct questions to Sidney Sweeney at Answers will be posted to the website by noon, Wednesday, April 19, 2017.

Lunch Seminar: Breaking Convention with Timber Offices

presented by Woodworks Wood Products Council

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 
9:30 am to 12:45 pm 
Location: One Market Restaurant, San Francisco
Cost: $20 Includes Lunch. Click here to register.


Most offices in the U.S. could be built with a wood structural system yet many designers assume they’re limited to concrete and steel for workplace environments. In fact, wood construction can accommodate the space and performance needs of office occupancies, and also provide advantages such as speed, cost savings, and reduced environmental impact. Focusing on common design considerations, this presentation will examine the potential for light-frame and heavy timber structural solutions, including building code opportunities related to fire and life safety, structural design layout, and cost. Hosted by WoodWorks – Wood Products Council. 2.0 AIA/CES LUs (HSW) or PDH credits.

About the Presenter:

A California licensed professional engineer, Janelle Leafblad, Allied Member has been an active building technology consultant since 2002, primarily in the area of wood technology, investigation and design of building envelope components, and construction for both historic and contemporary structures. She earned her BS in Architectural Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and her MS in Wood Science and Technology from the University of California at Berkeley. Janelle has been with WoodWorks for close to three years and provides assistance on non-residential and multi-family wood projects in N. California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.

AIA East Bay Pokémon Go Contest


Enter for the chance to win a $25 Amazon, Google Play, or iTunes gift card

Let Pokémon Go be your local tour guide! As you discover new places and spaces on your adventures, use the camera to take pictures of Pokémon with some of your favorite buildings.

How to enter:

  1. Screenshot a Pokémon in front of your favorite building or architectural landmark (no private residences). Use the app’s camera tool!

2. Write a short caption (~25 words) about what makes the building stand out to you. Include the general location of the building.

3. Email your screenshot, description, and name to by August 15th. (No more than 5 entries per person).

An East Bay and a global winner will be announced on August 19th. All submissions will be featured on and AIA mobile!

2016 Design Awards Jury Announced

AIA East Bay and Design Awards Chair Janet Tam, AIA, are pleased to announce the jury for the 2016 Exceptional Residential: Bay Area Design Awards.

Ray Calabro, FAIA
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Jennifer Devlin-Herbert, FAIA
San Francisco

Kulapat Yantrasast
wHY Architecture
Culver City

Mark your calendars and save the date!

Awards Jury and Presentation: Thursday, October 20, 2016
Submittal Deadline: Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Awards Pre-submittal Meeting: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 (for those who have submittal questions)
Registration Opens: Monday, August 1, 2016

Please note, all submittals will be made via Dropbox. Please attend the pre-submittal meeting if you have not used Dropbox and have technical questions.

Architecture Billings Index Hits another Bump

Business conditions show continued strength in South and West regions

As has been the case a few times already this year, the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) dipped in November.  As a leading economic indicator of construction activity, the ABI reflects the approximate nine to twelve month lead time between architecture billings and construction spending. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) reported the November ABI score was 49.3, down from the mark of 53.1 in the previous month. This score reflects a decrease in design services (any score above 50 indicates an increase in billings). The new projects inquiry index was 58.6, up just a nudge from a reading of 58.5 the previous month.

“Since architecture firms continue to report that they are bringing in new projects, this volatility in billings doesn’t seem to reflect any underlying weakness in the construction sector,” said AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker, Hon. AIA, PhD.  “Rather, it could reflect the uncertainty of moving ahead with projects given the continued tightness in construction financing and the growing labor shortage problem gripping the entire design and construction industries.”

Key November ABI highlights:

  • Regional averages: South (55.4), West (54.5), Midwest (47.8), Northeast (46.2)
  • Sector index breakdown: multi-family residential (53.8), institutional (51.4), commercial / industrial (55.1), mixed practice (54.9)
  • Project inquiries index: 58.6
  • Design contracts index: 53.5

The regional and sector categories are calculated as a 3-month moving average, whereas the national index, design contracts and inquiries are monthly numbers.

Office space, furniture, and equipment available in Orinda

Studio space:

1,530 square feet of bright, airy, studio space. Three blocks from BART station. Easy on-and-off freeway access. Short walk to Theatre Square and lots of restaurants. Plenty of parking. Copy/printer room with sink, space for refrigerator and microwave; built in cabinets. 16′ x 14′ conference room with display lighting and custom built in credenza. 3′ x 16′ enclosed sample storage area with heavy duty adjustable shelves. 18-1/2′ x 10′ private office with adjustable shelves and layout counters. French doors open onto two balconies. Fully wired for DSL; Toshiba Digital Business Telephone/intercom system with Strata DK Centrex/PBS equipment. Battery backup. Punch down block for up to 12 lines. Nine Toshiba LCD digital phones. Central library shelving for 90 lineal feet of books. Perimeter of production area space has continuous 36″ deep layout counters. Zoned HVAC and lighting controls. ADA access. Great landlords.

Furniture and supplies:

Glass top conference table, 96″ x 42″ x 3/4″ thick with polished micro bevel edge. Black powder coated tri-leg bases.

Nine Mart Stam S34 conference arm chairs, black leather and chrome. Imported from Italy; originals; not knock-offs.

Five Safco PlanHold steel drafting tables; fully adjustable board height and angle. 60″ wide base with varying top lengths. Tops covered with Borco Board. Can be fitted with any size table tops. Four white and one black.

Three Safco flat files for 30 x 42 inch drawings; light grey color. One each, 10 drawer, 7 drawer and 5 drawer units.

One Safco hanging drawing file with 12 brackets.

Miscellaneous scanners, printers and other items related to design services.

Call Rich Bartlett, AIA, at 925 253 2880 if interested in part or all of the above, or to answer any questions.

Newly Rebuilt Office in Rockridge


Newly rebuilt 250 sq. ft. office with half bath.

Great light, comfortable, second floor, private entrance

$700.00 month

Access to garden, quiet, residential area, two blocks from Rockridge Bart, on street parking only

Non-smoking property

Not appropriate to see clients.



Adele Crawford
510.435.9829 text or call


office2 office3 office4