Introducing : Our NEW Leadership Lecture Series!

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To celebrate the AIA East Bay’s new office in Berkeley, California, the chapter is honoring architects, urban planners, and landscape architects who have helped shape the East Bay. The series is organized to highlight various project types: Renovations, Planning/Urban Design, Institutional, Civic, Higher Education, Multi-Family Housing, and Single-Family Housing. 

Each event’s participants have been selected due to their design excellence, contributions to architectural education, and/or advancement of the profession of architecture in the East Bay. This series will provide insight into the careers of members of the architecture community through a short presentation from the participants, moderated discussion, and Q&A. 


The chapter has confirmed the following events and participants. 


February 23rd - Renovations / Interiors

Discussion about saving, preserving, and re-using buildings  with Kava Massih and Larry Strain. This panel will be moderated by Heather Sanders-Jacob.

Kava Massih | Kava Massih Architects
Eddie Hall, AIA, NCARB | MBH Architects
Larry Strain, FAIA, LEED AP | Siegel & Strain Architects
Heather Sanders-Jacob, AIA, LEED AP | Shelterwerk

March 7 - History of Bay Area Architecture

Understanding the history, trends, and analysis of architecture with John King and Mitchell Schwarzer. This panel will be moderated by Pierluigi Serraino. 

John King | San Francisco Chronicle
Mitchell Schwarzer | CCA
Pierluigi Serraino, AIA | Pierluigi Serraino Architecture

March 21st - Planning / Urban Design

Highlighting master planning and larger urban developments with Dan Solomon, Matt Taecker, Nancy Keenan, and Frank Fuller. 

Dan Solomon, FAIA | Mithun
Matt Taecker, AIA | WRT
Nancy Keenan, AIA, LEED AP | DAHLIN Group
Frank Fuller, FAIA Member Emeritus, NCARB | Urban Field Studio
Sarah Kuehl | Einwiller Kuehl Landscape Architecture

April 25th - Institutional

Looking at the influence of healthcare, education, recreation, and public works in the East Bay with Marc L’Italien, Clarence D. Mamuyac, Jr., Chuck Davis, and Kit Ratcliff. This panel will be moderated by Ursula Currie. 

Marc L’Italien, FAIA, LEED AP | HGA Architects and Engineers
Clarence D. Mamuyac, Jr., FAIA, LEED AP BD+C | ELS Architecture and Urban Design
Chuck Davis, FAIA Member Emeritus | EHDD
Kit Ratcliff, FAIA, LEED AP, NCARB | Ratcliff
Ursula Currie, AIA | Perkins & Will

May 25th - Civic

Civic architecture plays an important role in every community but understand how these architects sensitively created public icons in the East Bay with Craig Hartman, Rodney Friedman, Rona Rothenberg, and Mark Cavagnero. This panel will be moderated by Susi Marzuola.

Craig Hartman, FAIA | SOM
Rodney Friedman
Rona Rothenberg, FAIA | NCARB
Mark Cavagnero, FAIA | Mark Cavagnero Associates
Susi Marzuola, AIA, LEED AP BD+C | Siegel & Strain Architects

June 15th - Higher Education

Designing within an established campus brings many challenges that will be explored with Bill Glass, Emily Marthinsen, Janet Tam, and Gary Strang. This panel will be moderated by Renee Chow.

Bill Glass, FAIA Member Emeritus | Glass Associates, Inc.
Emily Marthinsen, FAIA Member Emeritus | Brookwood Group
Janet Tam, FAIA | Noll & Tam Architects
Gary Strang, FASLA, AIA | GLS Landscape Architecture
Prof. Renee Chow, AIA | UC Berkeley

July 13th - Affordable Housing

The Bay Area is experiencing a housing crisis and these architects pursue quality design for housing with tight budgets with Peter Waller, Daniel Simons, and Toby Levy. This panel will be moderated by Mimi Sullivan. 

Peter Waller, AIA | PYATOK
Daniel Simons, FAIA, LEED AP | David Baker Architects
Toby Levy, FAIA | LDP Architecture
Mimi Sullivan, AIA | Saida+Sullivan Design Partners

August 22nd - Multi-Family Housing

These architects challenge how housing can be transformative with Stanley Saitowitz and Rod Henmi. This panel will be moderated by Jessica Musick.

Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects Inc.
Richard Stacy, FAIA | LMS Architects
David Trachtenberg, AIA | Trachtenberg Architects
Rod Henmi, FAIA, LEED AP, NOMA | HKIT Architects
Jessica Musick, AIA | KTGY

September 14th - Single Family Housing

This project type allows for the exploration of ideas at an intimate scale with Richard Fernau, Anni Tilt, Robert Swatt, and Eric Haesloop.

Richard Fernau, FAIA | Fernau + Hartman Architects
Anni Tilt, AIA | Arkin Tilt Architects
Robert Swatt, FAIA | Swatt Miers Architects
Eric Haesloop, FAIA | TGH Architects
Devi Dutta-Choudhury, AIA | Devi Dutta Architecture, Inc.