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2023-24 AIA East Bay Dues

The East Bay Chapter has NOT raised its dues in the past five years, while National AIA and other regional chapters have done so. Instead, we are doing everything we can to keep costs low while growing the number of programs and supplementing increased operating expenses with fundraisers and sponsorship.


Please note that total dues listed below are the total dues that get divided between the National AIAState Level AIA and the East Bay Chapter.

Architect (AIA)

Licensed to practice in the US

Join online (copy of current license required)


International Associate (Int’l Assoc. AIA)

Licensed to practice outside of the US

Join online (copy of current license required)


Associate (Associate AIA)

New Graduate*

Join online (diploma or transcript required)



Associate AIA

Currently work under the supervision of an architect or hold a degree in architecture

Join online


Associate AIA

Faculty member in a university program in architecture – non-practicing

Join online


Component Affiliate

Member of another chapter who also wants AIAEB benefits

Component Affiliate application



Individual working in a field other than architecture

Allied application


Corporate Allied

Firm in an industry other than architecture

Corporate Allied application



Student studying architecture or an affiliated major

Student application (proof of full time student status required)



    • New graduates are eligible for up to 18 months of free membership starting on the date of their graduation.
    • New joins may be prorated. 

If you need assistance with paying your dues you have two options:

    1.  Request a Dues Adjustment. Use this form to request that your dues be reduced for this year. Return completed form to info@aiaeb.org and we’ll process it right away.
    2. Dues Payment Program. Pay your dues in monthly installments. Find information about this program by calling Membership directly at (800) 242-3837, option 2. 
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