Zero Net Carbon Design (ZNCD) Credits

Beginning with the 2023 Renewal Cycle, California architects must take 5 hours of coursework in Zero Net Carbon Design (ZNCD) in order to renew their license.

This 5-hour ZNCD requirement is in addition to the existing requirement of 5 hours in accessibility coursework. California architects need to complete 10 hours of coursework to renew their license in 2023: 5 hours in accessibility AND 5 hours in ZNCD.

Architect License Renewal

The California architect license is, at most, a 2-year license. Renewals occur in odd years, and the expiration of a license occurs on the last day of the licensee’s birth month. California architects must complete the required 10 hours of coursework in accessibility and ZNCD by the last day of their birth month in order to renew their license on time.

AIA California Providing ZNCD MCE For Free

AIA California promised the Legislature and Governor that it would provide the ZNCD coursework for the 2023 renewal cycle to all California architects for free. These courses are offered live online, and will be converted into on-demand courses sometime this year.

AIA East Bay to Offer ZNCD Courses

AIA East Bay is planning to offer courses in addition to the AIA California offerings. As those course are announced, they will be added to our events calendar.

If you are interested in presenting a course for ZNCD credit, please fill out our short form here, and we will reach out to you to help facilitate the presentation.