Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have resumes on file? Do I have to be a member to use your resume service?
AIA East Bay has an active resume service available to all. This is a hard copy file in our chapter office (we find that online resume services have too many unqualified and out-of-area job seekers). Anyone can take advantage of our resume service.

Job Seekers: email, fax or mail your resume to us. We prefer black & white or grayscale and no more than five pages.
Employers: contact the office via email ( info@aiaeb.org ) or call us at 510/464-3600. We’ll mail or fax you all qualified applicants’ resumes.

2. I’d like to know about salaries.

AIA East Bay has salary surveys available for review in the chapter office. Be sure to bring something to take notes with, as we cannot make copies of these publications. AIA East Bay chapter members should contact the staff to have PDFs emailed to them.

3. Do you have a list of current members?
AIA East Bay publishes a membership directory annually. All members receive a copy of this directory as a benefit of membership. Vendors can buy a copy for $125. If you are a job seeker, please email info@aiaeb.org for more information. Finally, if you would like to hire an architect, we offer referrals free of charge. Contact us at info@aiaeb.org or call 510/464-3600. 

4. I’d like to rent your mailing list.
AIA East Bay does rent our mailing list, on approval in excel format via email. For more information email info@aiaeb.org or call 510/464-3600.

5. I’d like to send an RFQ/RFP to your members.
AIA East Bay is happy to distribute RFQ announcements and legal RFPs. Please send a 100-word announcement and link to a website to info@aiaeb.org or call 510/464-3600. If you are looking for RFQs/RFPs, please visit our blog at aiaeastbay.blogspot.com and click on the link on the right-hand side.

6. I want to intern/volunteer at AIA East Bay.
lease email info@aiaeb.org or call 510/464-3600.

7. What is your newsletter called?
We have a number of publications:

ArchNews: Our monthly general interest newsletter about the chapter members, firms and their projects.
Update: an email events and update newsletter emailed twice a month to ~1,500 members and subscribers.
AIA East Bay Blog: our blog of member announcements, area events of interest, programs, classifieds, RFQs, etc.
Monthly postcard: a monthly printed calendar of programs, events, seminars and committees. Distribution: 1,000

8. What is arcCA?
arcCA is the quarterly journal of AIA California Council. All California members receive a copy. Non-members may subscribe by contacting AIACC at 916/448-9082.

9. Where is the convention this year?
You can find information about the National AIA Convention at aiaconvention.org
AIA California Council has two alternating conferences: The California Practice Conference and the Monterey Design Conference .

10. When is your next class/seminar/discussion on the California Building Code, ADA/Accessibility, or LEED?
Please check the calendar or give us a call at 510/464-3600.

11. What are your office hours?
Our office is temporarily closed during normal business hours due to staff changes. If you need assistance, please email info@aiaeb.org. Check back here for updates on when we’ll resume normal office hours.

 12. Can I renew my membership online?
Yes. National AIA offers online membership renewal for current members here: Renew Your Membership
If you need help with membership call us at 510/464-3600.

13. I’m looking for a Revit/ArchiCAD/Vectorworks User Group.
Great—we have them. Please check the calendar for upcoming dates.

14. How do a verify an architect’s license?
Please run a license query at the California Architect’s Board website.

15. I have a professional practice question. Who can I talk to?
Email info@aiaeb.org.

16. Do you have email forums? Can anyone join?
Yes, we have email forums that are open to anyone to participate in. These lists are moderated by AIA East Bay staff: discussions on fees are not allowed. Please remember these forums are offered as a venue for practical information sharing; advertising and flaming are not tolerated.

AIA East Bay Codes Group

Regional Urban Design Forum

Young Architects Forum

17. Where do I find information about Mandatory Continuing Education in Disabled Access?
Please click here.
  Chapter classes and programs that fulfill California requirements are listed here.

18. What are the requirements for an architectural stamp?