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All submittal materials shall be in a consistent visual size/layout format of 1920 X 1080 pixels, landscape oriented where possible. In addition, every submission must include the below project specifications on page 1, being mindful to omit firm/architect names, emails, phone numbers, or other identifying text or images as all judging is anonymous. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. Page 1 should include:
  • Project Name
  • Project Catagory
  • Project Location: City, State
  • Completion date
  • Category of scale
  • Cost
  • Descriptive data (300 words maximum)
Page limits: Not less than 3 pages and no more than 10 image pages in PDF format. (11 maximum pages, including page 1 project description) There is no limit to the number of images, graphics, or text per page. Layout and presentation are at the submitters' discretion in using their best efforts to present their project).
Before You Submit: Please complete all requested information. All required fields must be completed. Please be sure the information appears EXACTLY as you wish to see it published and listed on the awards certificates. Check the spelling of names. Complete and submit all parts of the project submission, along with payment of entry fees, by the due date.
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