Featured Projects

Showcasing the impact of collaboration between homeowners and registered architects to help craft beautiful, relevant and innovative solutions for the housing needs across all sectors of our society. Attendance is worth 1.5 LUs.

Jones Berkeley

Architecture Firm: Pyatok

A pressing need for regional housing solutions gave rise to “densification” along Berkeley’s transit-rich corridors. Jones Berkeley transforms a 1.7-acre auto dealership site into a vibrant, five-story mixed-use project including 11,000 sf of commercial space and 170 homes.

Valley View Senior Homes

Architecture Firm: The Cohousing Company

A village-like community inspired by the co-housing concept with houses that relate to the garden and to each other. The site uses “Lombard Street” as a solution to the site’s dramatic slope to accommodate accessibility. The design includes a number of amenities that would encourage activity, and therefore exercise, by residents.

636 Waverley

Architecture Firm: Hayes Group Architects

The project is a four-story, mixed-use building with commercial space on the first and second  floors,  and  a  single  residential  apartment  on  each  of the  two  upper  floors. The building’s program is expressed by the vertical and horizontal zigzag of the concrete structural slabs.

650 Live Oak

Architecture Firm: brick.

This project re-imagines what a mixed-use development can bring to a community. Featuring modern office space, green architecture, below market-rate housing, and urban density within Silicon Valley.

Casa Terreno

Architecture Firm: Fernanda Canales

The house is located on a mountain and addresses two apparently contradictory conditions: seclusion and aperture. First, it is a shelter that protects against the radical weather, and second, it  opens  as  much  as  possible  to  the  surrounding  landscape. The  use  of  brick  was  essential  for  the  project,  for  its  insulation  qualities  and  its  easy  future maintenance.

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