Design Draw Build Project Wins 2024 CA Preservation Foundation Design Award

The “Landmark Victorian” project, masterfully restored by Design Draw Build, has been awarded the 2024 California Preservation Foundation Design Award! This recognition applauds the project’s exceptional restoration of a Victorian-era home, blending historical charm with modern functionality.

Renowned for its meticulous preservation efforts, the project retained and restored original architectural features, honoring the home’s heritage after a fire nearly destroyed the home. Yet, it also embraced accessible design principles, in order to accommodate the aging owners’ needs.

This award not only celebrates architectural excellence but also highlights the importance of preserving historical design. As a symbol of both tradition and innovation, the “Landmark Victorian” stands as a testament to the enduring value of historic preservation in shaping our built environment.

Learn more about the project here.
Learn more about the award here.

Photo credit: Marcus Edwards Photography

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