Tim Nystrom: A Visionary Leader in Architecture | Member Spotlight

In the dynamic world of architecture, leaders emerge to shape the future of the profession. Tim Nystrom, the current president of the East Bay chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), stands out as a visionary force driving positive change within the organization. In this exclusive interview with Mike Wilson, Tim reflects on his journey, accomplishments, and the exciting plans he envisions for the coming year.

Joining the Board for a Deeper Dive

Tim’s involvement with the AIA board began with a desire to contribute more to the profession. Serving as the chair of the Young Architects group, he sought to amplify the influence of this demographic within the organization. Tim’s decision to join the board stemmed from a desire to understand the AIA from a broader perspective, recognizing that the organization is more than just a collection of committees. His goal was to gain insights into the inner workings of the AIA and, in turn, have a more substantial impact.

A Fulfilling Five Years of Service

As Tim reflects on his five years on the board, he highlights the invaluable vantage point it has provided. From listening in on crucial conversations to witnessing the organization’s strategic planning, Tim has played a pivotal role in steering the chapter towards positive growth. Notably, his involvement has facilitated the expansion of the Young Architects group, connecting with students at UC Berkeley and Diablo Valley College. Tim’s leadership has been instrumental in fostering a sense of community and providing valuable resources for emerging professionals.

Goals for the Future: Positive Growth and Community Engagement

Now at the helm as president, Tim outlines his goals for the coming year. The primary focus is on continuing the positive growth in membership by expanding outreach efforts. As a new Napa resident, Tim aims to increase the chapter’s presence in surrounding counties, ensuring that the AIA serves architects across diverse regions. He emphasizes the importance of understanding members’ needs and providing resources that cater to specific areas within the four counties.

Building on Success: Lecture Series and Engaging Programs

Tim acknowledges the success of the recent lecture series organized by Brian and expresses the intent to build upon it. The positive feedback from members motivates Tim to continue such initiatives and develop programs that interest architects. From boat tours to social events, he envisions creating engaging opportunities for networking and collaboration, recognizing the need for architects to socialize and connect.

Strategic Plan: A Roadmap for Relevance

Discussing the strategic plan, Tim underscores its significance in outlining the chapter’s next steps for the next two to five years. The plan focuses on engaging members, advocating for their needs, and contributing to the community. Tim is committed to driving relevance, making membership dues worthwhile by actively involving members in city planning committees and building departments.

Achieving Growth Milestones

Under Tim’s leadership, the East Bay chapter has experienced significant growth. The membership has increased by 14 individuals since he assumed the role of president, bringing the total to an impressive 997. Tim is optimistic about reaching the milestone of 1000 members in January and envisions sustained growth in the coming years.

Tim Nystrom: A Family Man and Community Advocate

Beyond his role in architecture, Tim Nystrom is a dedicated family man and community advocate. Juggling responsibilities as a father, Little League baseball team manager, and mentor at DVC and UC Berkeley, Tim is deeply involved in various facets of community life. As he leads the AIA East Bay chapter, Tim aims to leave a lasting impact and contribute to the growth and success of the organization.

In conclusion, Tim Nystrom’s tenure as president promises exciting developments for the East Bay chapter. With a strategic vision, a commitment to positive growth, and a focus on community engagement, Tim stands as a beacon of leadership in the field of architecture.

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