Portfolio Review Program

We match Students with Architects offering one-on-one advice about how to make your portfolio the best it can be.

This program is FREE for all students and all costs are covered by the East Bay Chapter of the American Institute for Architects.

How It Works:


  1. Go here and register as a Student.
  2. Be sure to completely fill in your Profile. 
  3. Our team will match you with reviewers.
  4. Then just check your email for notifications about reviews & feedback  you’re getting.
  5. DO NOT ignore comments / suggestions from mentors. This could reflect poorly on you. It’s OK to pause your account at anytime when you don’t want reviews.
  6. Use the Community Tools to find reviewers and other students you want to connect with. You can even invite them to view and comment on your portfolio, student project, or assignment.


  1. Go here and register as a Reviewer.
  2. Be sure to completely fill out your Profile. Students want to see your experiences, projects, etc.
  3. Once your account is set up, browse “Our Community” to see who is here and identify students you may want to help.
  4. Click on a portfolio and spend a few minutes looking it over.
  5. Click on “Private Message” to send a one-on-one message to that student.

A Selection of Student Work