The Last Word: CoolTechStuff

I’ve been doing CoolTech articles for over seven years now.  As some of you know, I’m in the process of building a house in Sonoma County.  With the start of construction my available time will be sharply reduced, so this will be my last CoolTech article.  What I thought I would leave you with is […]

WRLD: CoolTechStuff

With summer approaching I spent some time the other day looking for architecture related travel apps.  You may recall I did an article on an architectural travel app called “Buildings” back in June 2012.  That app had access to a database of over 40,000 buildings, but alas, it appears to be gone.  On the iOS […]

Shapespark: CoolTechStuff

Here is an interesting desktop application and service that allows you to create and share real-time 3D visualizations of your architectural model that will run on any web browser, or mobile device, without the need for any additional software or plugins. What Does It Do: The Shapespark application (scene editor) creates a real time dynamic […]

Blackbelt 3D Printer: CoolTechStuff

So you’ve looked at 3D printers and thought they were interesting but only good for printing small things.  Well, here is a company (Blackbelt 3D) in the Netherlands that has rethought the way 3D printers operate and how large the prints can be. What Does It Do: The Blackbelt 3D printer is a fused filament […]

HazMat Reference and Emergency Response Guides: CoolTechStuff

As you may guess from the topic of this article, I just finished the chapter’s post-Disaster SAP Training course.  Living and working in an industrial area of the city I’ve always been concerned about what kinds of nasty things are in, or passing through, my neighborhood and the SAP Training course renewed my concerns.  Here […]

Solar Squared: CoolTechStuff

As the renewable energy industry is maturing we are beginning to have many more choices at our disposal, and photovoltaics is leading the charge (no pun intended).   We’ve had many photovoltaic options for some time now, but few that integrate into the building envelope itself.  The typical flat solar panels (even the ones with color) […]