A Fragile Energy Revolution: Green

A New Local Energy Provider In November, most residents in Alameda county will join the growing number of Californians receiving their electricity from a not-for-profit, governmental agency rather than a corporate power provider.  The change will be seamless, noticeable only as a change in the billing statement. The new energy provider is called East Bay […]

Now is the Time for 100% Renewable Energy: Green

It has never been easier or more important to shift to 100% renewable electricity to lower greenhouse gas emissions. For a limited time, cities around the bay are again offering the SunShares program, providing the best deals in solar PV installations and electric cars and free guidance on how to shift to 100% renewable electricity.  […]

March for the Climate – Meeting the Paris Agreement Climate Goals

Environmental organizations around the country are organizing a massive march in San Francisco September 8. Meeting the Paris climate goals requires a lot of changes—including many changes to buildings.  Even as the ink dried on the Paris Agreement, analysts were telling us that the international commitments were nowhere near enough to keep global warming to […]

Help Your Consultants Help You: Green

Steve Gross is a Senior Energy Analyst and Mechanical Engineer with Interface Engineering, a Bay Area progressive mechanical and electrical consultancy, focusing on innovative engineering solutions for high-performance projects. Delivering a truly high-performance building is an immense challenge that requires a concerted, impassioned effort from all the project’s stake holders. But there are a few […]

Greening Your Buildings, Greening Your Practice

Whether you are looking for small changes or radical rethinking, there are plenty of steps to take to green your buildings and better align your architectural practice with climate and environmental goals.         Electrify your buildings. Electric appliances are increasingly the best choice for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Switch to electric when […]

Natural Building for Remodels and The New Carbon Architecture

Imagine that the act of building actually helped heal the environment.  What would that look like?  Massey Burke takes on this question both in her work as a local natural builder and in a chapter in the inspiring new book The New Carbon Architecture, by Bruce King. Massey answers questions below in conversation with AIAEB […]