Financial Incentives Available for Energy Efficient New Construction and Major Alterations

By: Mary Guider-Shaw

Enroll in the California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA) Program to see Project Potential

New construction in the East Bay area continues to boom. This provides a unique opportunity to advance the state’s carbon reduction goals and provide long term energy savings that also creates healthy, comfortable buildings.  AIA East Bay members can now take advantage of the California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA) program for new construction and major alterations throughout the state of California to learn which measures will benefit their project the most. 

In 2021, the California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA) program replaced the Savings by Design (SBD) program to further new construction energy efficiency. The program serves new construction and major alternations in SoCalGas®, San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E®), Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E®), and Southern California Edison Company (SCE®) service territories.

Energy goals and savings have been a design problem for a long time, but there is no set blueprint that architects and engineers can use to achieve success. Architects and engineers already know that the design and function of a building varies greatly based on the use, climate, square footage, budget and building codes. Creating an energy efficient building takes consideration of all these factors as well. 

Calling on the help of an energy consultant can make all the difference to create an energy efficient building, while letting you focus on what you love, design. CEDA is here to provide a standardized approach while navigating the CPUC requirements on your behalf. The program uses California Public Utility Commission’s Standard Practice Baseline instead of Title 24 consistent with CPUC Resolution E-4939 published in 2018. Savings claims must comply with all applicable CPUC guidance and are subject to review and contingent on approval.

Willdan’s team of energy specialists and CPUC policy experts provide free energy modeling required to calculate energy savings and potential financial incentives saving you time on paperwork and researching options. In as little as two meetings you can have a whole building analysis built around your budget and project goals. Different measures will be presented, and you choose which options work best for your project.  It is best to get involved early in the design process to receive the most benefits from the program. 

CEDA serves commercial, public, high-rise multifamily (4 stories+), industrial, and agricultural projects in participating service territories that pay or will pay the public purpose surcharge. CEDA is available for new construction and major alteration projects including institutional partnerships that meet the following criteria: 

  • Must be in design phase or have customer willingness to modify design to improve energy efficiency 
  • Exceed standard practice, code and current design 
  • Pay / will pay the Public Purpose Program surcharge on the account where the EE measures will be installed 
  • Sign online application with Terms and Conditions 
  • No double dipping with other EE programs

Major alteration projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Changes in space function (building or space occupancy type change) OR 
  • Substantial changes (≥30%) in design occupancy (square feet per person) OR 
  • Increase (≥10%) in conditioned floor area OR 
  • Any expansion or addition of substantial process or conditioning load to an existing facility

After discussing your project initiatives, we will provide you with all the details necessary for your team to decide if CEDA is right for your project. 

In the ever-changing landscape of energy efficacy, you have a trusted partner in Willdan to provide intelligent energy modeling through the CEDA program. Enrollment is easy through our online application that can be accessed here.  If you would like to talk to someone on our CEDA team please reach out via email or via phone (855) 502-3914.

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