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CB Design is a 5 women team based in Orinda, California. Before starting her own firm, Megan worked for a handful of design firms in San Francisco and Seattle. The firm originated in 2013 when she saw an opportunity to bring her own modern aesthetic to her hometown in Orinda and throughout the Bay Area. CB Design got its name from the initials of Megan’s maiden and married last names. 

The firm focuses on high-end residential and commercial buildings. Since they specialize in those fields, CB Design likes to appreciate local architecture. Their favorite local building is a Roger Lee house on Tara Road in Orinda. Before remodeling, the house was once a single story mid century with all original fixtures and finishes with light-filled courtyard spaces. Although CB Design focuses on high end buildings, they are increasingly interested in small to medium sized commercial and multi-family residential projects. A new residential construction project in Orinda is their most unusual one yet. The project is made of a light weight bolted steel moment frame that is currently being fabricated in Southern California. When completed, it will be shipped to Orinda along with a crew to assemble it. 

The team consists of 1 principal architect, 2 architectural designers, 1 interior designer, and 1 communications manager. Although the firm is located in Orinda, most of the team is remote and spread across the East Bay and San Francisco. Having open communication and trust with each other helps the team get the job done. Thus, they collaborate daily through various online platforms such as Slack, Zoom, or by email and phone. CB Design describes themselves as relaxed, open, and independent. Since the firm enjoys a collaborative culture, they like working with clients who have a positive mindset, are open to collaboration, are excited about good design, and have a financial buffer for their desires. 

Through referrals and Houzz, CB Design has grown in the last 6 years. Starting from a one woman show to a team of 5, Megan enjoys working with a group of like-minded design professionals and sharing ideas with each other. With open communication and trust, the firm anticipates to grow in commercial space and ground-up residential homes.

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