Updated Business Entity Report Form (BERF) and Informational Bulletin

Effective January 1, 2021, the Business Entity Report Form (BERF) has been updated with new fields and options. Carefully review the updated BERF and submit a new form to the Board if any changes need to be made to your record. If your information is accurate on their website, there is no need for you to send in the form.

The updated BERF can be found on the Board’s website.

Updates to the BERF include:

  • An option to disassociate from a single entity and a line for disassociation date, and
  • A statement that signing of the form is under penalty of perjury and all representations on the form are true, correct, and contain no material omissions of fact.

These new options will provide more information to consumers and assist the Board with the investigation of those who unlawfully practice architecture without a license.

All licensees who provide architectural services whether they are sole proprietors, owners, employees or independent contractors of a business entity providing architectural services are required to comply with this provision of the Act. The Board must also be immediately notified of any and all changes to your BERF by submitting a new form after any change.

An informational bulletin has also been created regarding compliance with Business and Professions Code section 5558 and updates to the BERF.

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