AIA 2020 Presidential Candidate Profiles

Candidate positions are described based on their campaign platforms and, where applicable, previous votes/work on the issue at hand. AIA makes no candidate recommendation with these profiles. We are not endorsing a candidate. The information provided below is for your consideration as you make your own determination on the candidates.

The elections next year will be critical to how the United States addresses the issues of our time, including mitigating and adapting to climate change, housing affordability, school safety, student debt, and changes to tax law in support of sustainable development, community investment, historic preservation, and hazard mitigation.

That’s why we are pleased to present the AIA 2020 Presidential Candidate Profiles. This guide is intended to provide a factual and objective overview to help you evaluate the presidential candidates and their positions on issues that matter to architects.

This new online tool features each candidate’s stance on the issues related to the profession, and draws from campaign websites, nonpartisan organizations, public comments, and voting records. The tool allows you to evaluate the candidate’s whole record or you can see where all the candidates stand on a specific issue. AIA hopes you find this tool informative and useful as you begin thinking about how you will cast your vote.

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