Meet Eoanna Goodwin | Member Spotlight

Eoanna Goodwin stands as a distinguished figure in the ever-evolving landscape of architecture, weaving her expertise into the fabric of San Francisco’s urban and recreational spaces. As a project manager for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, Goodwin’s journey can be characterized by a decade-long commitment to civic design.

Currently overseeing a diverse team of architects, landscape architects, and construction professionals, Goodwin’s role encompasses the vast realm of recreational centers, public restrooms, parks, playgrounds, and associated structures. 

Goodwin’s career trajectory unfolds against a backdrop of extensive experience with the City of San Francisco. Before her current position, she dedicated a decade to the Bureau of Architecture under San Francisco Public Works. Within this department, she spearheaded the design of civic amenities, contributing significantly to the City’s architectural landscape. What sets San Francisco apart, as Goodwin illuminates, is its unique approach to in-house design work. With a team of 65 architects and 30 landscape architects, the City functions as a midsize firm, handling a diverse array of projects from libraries and fire stations to homeless transitional housing and recreation centers. Goodwin’s team navigated the entire process from early conceptual design to construction administration.

Goodwin’s transition to project management at the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department allows her to bring her wealth of design experience into a new role where she now oversees projects that contribute to the city’s public spaces. Notable among these projects are the Herz Recreation Center, Fillmore Turk Mini Park, Noe Valley Town Square Restroom, and the South Sunset Clubhouse. She most recently utilized her experiences to speak on the design and impact of public restrooms at the 2023 AIA Conference on Architecture. 

Reflecting on her journey, Goodwin attributes her early architectural interest to a high school revelation. Fueled by a passion for math, history, and art, she found architecture to be the perfect amalgamation of these diverse interests. Between her undergraduate and graduate studies, she spent a year as a Construction Crew Leader for Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley gaining hands-on experience in the construction field. This, along with trips abroad to build in Central America, piqued her interest in design-build. In addition to her work for the City & County of San Francisco, Goodwin taught design-build studios at the Academy of Art University.

Beyond the creative aspects, Goodwin emphasizes the unique satisfaction of public projects; the ability to witness the impact of one’s work on local neighborhoods, coupled with the lasting legacy of public buildings, adds layers of fulfillment to the profession. Working for the City, she notes, provides a sense of community and purpose. Building upon this, Goodwin recently helped start the Women in Architecture group at AIA East Bay with a mission to connect, elevate, support, and celebrate women in the field.

In the realm of architecture, Eoanna Goodwin emerges not only as a skilled professional but as a visionary leader shaping the public spaces that define the heart of San Francisco. Her story is one of dedication, innovation, and a profound commitment to the transformative power of architecture in fostering vibrant and sustainable communities.

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