AIAEB Launches New Membership Outreach Program

With over 900 members spread across four counties, staying in touch and understanding what you want and need from the AIA is challenging.
Our new Membership Outreach Program seeks to remedy this. We are committed to speaking with every member at least once per quarter to stay connected, gather your feedback on how we are doing, and express our appreciation for your membership, all to strengthen the relationship and communication between members and AIA Staff.
We want to encourage all of our members to participate in making the AIA East Bay the best organization it can be. So when you see we are calling, please pick up if you can. Every call is followed up with an email, so if it’s inconvenient to talk, we can at least communicate via email.
Marjorie Santos is the face and “voice” of our Membership Outreach Program. Please welcome Marjorie to the AIA East Bay team and take the opportunity, when she calls you, to give her your feedback and share your ideas for how the AIA can serve you better.

Marjorie graduated from Centro Escolar University Manila with a degree in Tourism Management. She has worked in the Corporate World and in the Hospitality Industry for the past 15 years. A few of her roles were Office Manager, Human Resource, Executive Assistant, and Customer Service Associate. Marjorie loves all the roles that have been assigned to her, but her favorite is as a Customer Service Associate because she loves interacting with people and being able to provide them with the best service that they could ever have. 

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