Winston Win, AIA is Now a Partner of Anne Phillips Architecture!

Winston Win, AIA is a new partner of Anne Phillips Architecture!

20 years of experience in residential and commercial projects, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area. This work includes renovation, historic preser-vation, tenant improvement and new construction work requiring city, county, state and federal approvals in multiple jurisdictions. Congratulations Winston!

Winston is a long-time collaborator with Anne on APA’s affordable housing and youth center projects including Lesley Towers, the RYSE Center Expansion and Girls Inc. Headquarters.

Winston worked at all levels of the firm over 16 years to become co-principal and partner, first starting as Anne’s intern in 2000. For an additional 4 years, he has worked with multi-state and international practices in their Oakland and San Francisco offices, primarily on projects for market-rate multi-family and retail/commercial projects.

A recognized leader in the architectural business community, Winston is a current board member at AIA California and a past president of AIA East Bay.

Additionally, two excellent project managers join APA’s team: Miry Kim and Quade T Gallagher. Congratulations Miry and Quad!

Miry Kim:

  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.), Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Licensed Architect
  • Experience managing new construction, renovation and historic preservation projects in multiple jurisdictions across the country.
  • Passionate about projects that highlight local culture, provide equal opportunities, and bolster a sense of community through the built environment.

Quade T. Gallagher:

  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.), Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Experience managing projects all over the country, including intricate commercial projects for national brands.
  • Experience includes projects with a focus on universal design, as well as design/build projects.
  • Dedicated to projects that create or maintain affordable and dignified housing for all.

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