Congratulations to John Tillotson for Becoming an Emeritus Member!

John Tillotson is a highly skilled architect with a successful career spanning several decades, during which he has become a leading advocate for sustainable design and a trusted expert in project management. As the sole proprietor of Tillotson Architecture+Consulting since April 2009, John has focused on providing independent architectural and project management services primarily for commercial and institutional projects in the Bay Area.

With a passion for excellence, John engages in all phases of the architectural process, from initial design conceptualization to construction administration. His expertise extends to collaborating with corporate and design clients, offering invaluable insights and guidance to ensure successful project delivery. His consultant position enables him to deliver specialized services tailored to the unique needs of each project, reinforcing his reputation as a sought- after architectural consultant.

Prior to establishing his own firm, John made significant contributions during his tenure as a Senior Associate/Senior Project Manager at Gensler in the San Francisco office. Over a span of ten years, from 1999 to 2009, he played a pivotal role as a Project Director and Manager for a wide range of architectural and interior projects. Working closely with clients and consultant teams, John displayed exceptional leadership throughout all phases of project delivery. His responsibilities included assembling and leading project teams, setting goals and assignments, monitoring progress, and ensuring adherence to schedules and budgets. His technical and design expertise made him an invaluable asset, and he provided mentorship to staff, fostering a culture of continuous learning within the firm.

A graduate of University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Architecture degree. Before his time at Gensler, John honed his skills in a series of firms including Garcia & Wagner, Crosby Thornton Marshall, The Ehrenkrantz Group (EKONA), George Miers Associates, David Barlett Associates, and as a Project Manager/Architect at RMW Architecture & Interiors from 1989 to 1991 and returning 1997 to 1999. There, he gained valuable experience and laid the foundation for his later success as a seasoned architect and project manager.

A true leader and mentor, John has shared his knowledge generously, teaching an annual Construction Administration class at his previous firm, guiding and nurturing young talent within the architectural community.

As a versatile and visionary architect, John Tillotson’s contributions to the field extend beyond the buildings he designs. His lasting impact on sustainable design and project management makes him a respected figure in the architectural industry, inspiring colleagues and aspiring professionals alike to create a better, greener future through innovative and sustainable architectural solutions.

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