Meet Devi Dutta-Choudhury | Member Spotlight

“Diversity in the profession is important to me. That’s an important area for me to contribute, to make the profession accessible to everyone and provide whatever mentorship and leadership that I can.”
Devi Dutta-Choudhury, AIA
AIAEB Member & Past President

Devi is a licensed architect and author who has had her own firm for 12 years. A graduate of Tulane in New Orleans and UCLA, she specializes in all things residential, whether that be ADUs, renovations, townhomes, or multifamily units. With her experience in living across the globe, from India to the midwest to California, she has gained an innovative perspective that allows her to expand and shape her client’s projects. Her work is known for being both modern and casual. 

It was a happy accident that Devi found herself initially working with the AIA as part of their communications committee. She loves the connections she has forged as AIA East Bay creates opportunities in architecture. As a result, she is constantly expanding her portfolio. Of the many projects she has worked on, a current favorite project is one that “morphed from a tiny kitchen renovation” to a full-scale house with a pool house and an ADU. A project that Devi would love to have in her portfolio would be “housing for a group of people to live communally.” 

She brings that sense of community to her children, with whom, as a devoted mom, she loves spending time with. She loves being outdoors with them and watching movies. While running her own firm and being a mom, she has somehow found the time to write a book. She is the author of the book House to Home: Designing Your Space for the Way You Live, which is geared not toward the architect but toward the homeowner. 

She was inspired to write the book while working on her own home renovation project. Experiencing her own home renovation from the client’s perspective has allowed her to become even more in tune with her client’s needs. As a result, she excels at designing for the big picture and the tiniest details that affect a homeowner’s day-to-day life. 

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