Siprosa School Nairobi: Project Profile

The award-winning Siprosa School Nairobi designed by Sidell Pakravan, provides global progressive education in spaces that negotiate between classrooms, flexible spaces, and outdoor learning environments. These spaces are distributed through a collection of stacked and shifted voids that are wrapped by a terra cotta screen that connects diverse spaces, buffers the school from the city and addresses the setting’s environmental needs.

Responding to the curriculum developed by the school’s founder and Golestan Co-lab, an education non profit focused on experiential learning, Sidell Pakravan has created a series of varied spaces that create awareness of nature, material and community.

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Size: 14,000 sf
Client: Siprosa School, Mary Otieno
Curriculum Development: Golestan Co-Lab, Berkeley
Project Team: Rudabeh Pakravan, Kristen Sidell, Pablo Hernandez, Julia Klineberg

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